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We assist families with at-need funeral planning, cremation, grief support, and funeral pre-arrangements. Visit this page to learn exactly how we can help you.
Cremation Services
     Cremation Pricing
          Simple/Direct Cremation Package
          Simple/Direct Cremation with Final Goodbye* Package
          Simple/Direct Cremation with Memorial Service in One of Our Facilities
          Simple/Direct Cremation with Memorial Service in One of Our Facilities & Interment Procession
     Other Cremation Services
          Veteran Cremation Services
          Memorial Services
          Flag Retirement Services
     Contact Us
Contact Us
About Our Crematory
     About Us
     About You
          Are You a Price Shopper
          About Cremation Costs
          Questions to Ask
          Important Documents
All About Cremation
     Cremation Facts
          The Process of Cremation
          The History of Cremation
          Religious Views on Cremation
     Why Cremation
          The Cremation Decision
          What is Direct Cremation
          Cremation FAQ
Grief and Bereavement
     Understanding Grief
          Why Do We Grieve
          Experiencing Grief
          Recommended Books
     Coping with Grief
          Healing After Loss
          Coping with Unexpected Death
          Building Resilience
          Recommended Reading
Helpful Information
     General Information
          Organ Donation
          Death Notification Checklist
          Community Links
     How-To Section
          How to Order Death Certificates
          How to Write an Obituary
          How to Write a Eulogy
          How to Scatter Ashes
          How to Deal with a Death
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